Welcome to Church Point Manor

Built in 1860, the Victorian-style farmhouse served as a hospital for Confederate troops during the Civil War. Following a restoration and renovation in 1993, the manor was converted into a Bed and Breakfast that has entertained guests such as President Barack Obama and Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. While currently in renovation and serving as a private family residence, we hope to slowly but surely open our doors once again, beginning in summer of 2020.

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Photoshoots at Church Point Manor
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Photoshoots at the Manor
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The Cellars

The Gallery

A collection of pictures of the exterior, the interior, and around the grounds.

Explore Virginia's beauty along our
Chesapeake Boardwalk

Over .15 miles in length, the Chesapeake Boardwalk takes you off the tailored grounds and into a lush, coastal woodland. Romantically interwoven with nature, the wider clearings have hosted countless weddings and the more intimate spots have sparked countless engagements.

The trail winds alongside a marshy inlet and gives a glimpse of Virginia's most iconic wildlife. You will almost always find Great Egrets or Blue Cranes fishing in the shallows. In the summer, blue-tailed lizards, called skinks, sunbathe on the wooden beams. These harmless creatures lie motionless until you step too close, at which point they scurry off into the woods. The boardwalk ends at a sea-level dock with an expansive, serene view.